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Hello there, welcome to kpoparadise :) we are nice and friendly people and we absolutely dont scam ^_^
Contact us thru Email : kpoparadise@hotmail.com or Twitter : @kpoparadise

Payment & Meetups
Mode of payment :
→ Bank Transfer (would be given once you send in order form)
→ Meet up

Meet ups (for payment and collection)
→ Mass meet up at Tampines / Pasir Ris / Simei . we would send out a meetup email once your orders arrived and let you know the time and location of meetups.
→ Special Arrangements can be made but will be charged accordingly.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011
please note that only special orders are posted. Please request to find out the pricing of items you want. *most albums are SGD20


Terms and Conditions
kpoparadise's terms & conditions
please read before proceeding ^_^

1. Full payment to be made 3 days before confirmation.
2. Full payment to be made before preorder deadline (if there is, it would be stated)
3. Orders only accepted once payments are received.
4. No refund made if you cancel last minute
5. No refund made if supplier goes MIA (but its negotiable)
6. Items might take some time to reach Singapore. Usually before 3 weeks. However, for rare goods, my supplier is from USA so it might take so time for shipping.
7. Meet ups at Tampines / Pasir Ris / Simei , other places would be charged
8. Order & Payment form to be submitted accordingly to avoid any miscommunications.
9. Emails / Tweets replied within 24h , that's for sure.
10. Buy only if you trust kpoparadise


1. Lights Go On Again - Deluxe Asian Special Edition (CD + DVD)
Price : SGD27

releasing on 25th March
2. Shock Ver A (Japan Version)
Includes a Japan Premium Debut T-Shirt(M sized in Black) + CD + Logo sticker. Comes in a deluxe box
Price: SGD75 (With 1 type A B3-sized poster)

3. Shock Ver B(Japan Version)
Includes Music Video DVD + CD
Price : SGD40

4. Shock Ver C (Japan Version)
Includes DVD(Featuring their concert) + CD
Price : SGD40

5. Shock Normal Edition (Japan Version)
Includes CD + (First press edition sold out)
Price: SGD28


6. Genesis of BEAST
Includes music videos and rare footages, 8-page postcard set and 1 trading card
Price: SGD85


Item Name : Play With GD & TOP
(2-DVD + Photobook + Poster) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)
Price : SGD65

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only one left !
Item Name : Lovesome 'All I need'
Price : SGD100

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(comes in XS, S, M, L)
Item Name : PANCOAT Giraffe
Price : SGD 100
as seen on Oh! My School, worn by Onew, Yoseob, Hyosung, Simon D, Min, etc

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